Making Sense of Commission-Driven Advice

Patrick was referred to a broker/advisor by his friend and CPA. He had a taxable account and two IRAs. In all three accounts his broker had sold him variable annuities (VA’s). VA’s are mutual funds with insurance riders (except it's not true insurance as explained...

Financial Advice Only a Banker Could Love

Kelly went into the bank where she and her husband (and his father) had done their business and personal banking for over 40 years. It had been acquired several times and now was part of a publicly traded company. The teller noticed that their savings account had over...

When the Message is Clear

I was doing a 401k education and enrollment session at one of the health care clinics I service. One of the attendees was especially attentive and she was taking very detailed notes. After finishing the presentation, she approached me for some more information: “I...

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