Making Sense of Commission-Driven Advice

A referral from a trusted adviser like one’s CPA usually helps to take some risk out of the selection decision. However, just because a CPA works with numbers and is tax savvy doesn’t mean they are fully aware of the investment landscape nor motives that may work...

Financial Advice Only a Banker Could Love

Many banks now operate as a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. The convenience factor is seductive. To what outcome this “all-things, to all-people” boilerplate approach? This is a tale of a community bank, acquired several times, and now part of a publicly...

When the Message is Clear

I was doing a 401k education and enrollment session at one of the health care clinics I service. One of the attendees was especially attentive and she was taking very detailed notes. After finishing the presentation, she approached me for some more information: “I...

Big-Brand Name Boilerplate Solution

Think having a big brand name financial adviser gives you safety, more resources, and a better outcome for your investment dollars? This set of facts below looks at the reality of big company business models driven by their profit seeking motive at the expense of the...

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